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Advanced Protein Production (APP) is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization, CDMO. With over a decade of expertise in establishing and operating GMP-compliant facilities, the director of Advanced Protein Production (APP) possesses unparalleled knowledge and experience in leading a state-of-the-art facility designed for protein expression and purification. By focusing on protein methodology, APP has the capability to produce large volumes of proteins for both research and clinical applications. In addition, our conjugation facilities enable us to offer Antibody-Drug-Conjugates (ADCs) and other protein conjugates, prepared by a team with decades of experience in chemistry, using the impeccable GMP materials that we produce.

For emerging biotechnology firms that are pioneering innovative protein-based therapies, the availability of a readily accessible GMP production facility is indispensable. APP’s presence optimizes the drug development process unlike any other, providing a streamlined and efficient pathway for bringing these novel therapies to market.

Advanced Protein Production specializes in providing contract manufacturing services to academic research institutions and biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies involved in preclinical and clinical development. Our comprehensive package includes process development, scaled manufacturing, purification, conjugation, filling, and packaging. Our team is dedicated to tailoring programs to meet the specific guidelines and regulatory requirements of each client.

Latest Technology & Facility

GMP Certification

ISO Certification

FDA Certification


Cutting-edge equipment includes:

Our GMP manufacturing facility has flexible space for fermentation, purification, as well as protein conjugations and cell-based assays. We utilize different host systems, such as yeasts, Escherichia coli, and mammalian cells to produce clinical grade molecules. These molecules serve as potential drug candidates or intermediates for preclinical studies and clinical trials. As part of the process, we create and validate master cell banks and working cell banks for the production cell lines.

  • NBS 150L BioFlo Fermentor
  • NBS 110L BioFlo Fermentor
  • NBS 40L Fermentor
  • Wave Bioreactor Mixer Systems
  • M & O Automatic Vial Liquid Filling, Stoppering, and Crimp Capping Machine
  • AKTA Pilot GE FPLC purification system
  • GE Wavepod II
  • Amersham AKTA Purifer Box 900
  • Hirayama Autoclave
  • Large capacity centrifuges
  • Bioprocess columns
  • Laminar flow hoods

Our Expertise

Advanced Protein Production (APP) offers extensive protein expression services, catering to the production of recombinant proteins from a diverse range of host systems.

In addition, APP provides conjugation services with a strong emphasis on maintaining the structural and functional integrity of the proteins. Our expertise lies in antibody conjugations, as well as the conjugation and purification of smaller proteins and peptides. APP also offers ADCs (Antibody-Drug Conjugates), bioconjugates, and linker payload services.

APP also offers Fill-Finish-Package services, allowing clients to choose from various options, including:

Protein Expression & Production

Protein Conjugations

Aseptic Fill-Finish

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